Project Category Author Description
Investments Accounting and Finance Gary Kelley This project is on how to make sound investment decisions through in-depth knowledge of the financial markets, rigorous analytical thinking and precise mathematical derivation.
Behavioral Economics and Finance Accounting and Finance Stephanie Rivera Topics include: prospect theory, biases in probabilistic judgment, self-control and mental accounting with implications for consumption and savings, fairness, altruism, and public goods contributions, financial market anomalies and theories, impact of markets, learning, and incentives, and memory, attention, categorization, and the thinking process.
Financing Economic Development Accounting and Finance Andrea Romero This project includes an overview of private capital markets and financing sources to understand capital market imperfections that constrain economic development; business accounting; financial statement analysis; federal economic development programs; and public finance tools.
Advanced Topics in Real Estate Finance Accounting and Finance Andrea Romero Introduces and surveys a selection of cutting-edge topics in the field of real estate finance and investments.

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