Project Category Author Description
Analysis of Historic Structures Architecture Jennifer Thompson An analysis of historical structures is presented themed sections based around construction materials. Structures from all periods of history are analyzed.
Form-Finding and Structural Optimization Architecture Irene Perry Inspired by the work of the architect Antoni Gaudi, this research workshop will explore three-dimensional problems in the static equilibrium of structural systems.
Building Technology Laboratory Architecture Jennifer Thompson Experimental methods focus on measurement and analysis of thermally driven and wind-driven airflows, lighting intensity and glare, and heat flow and thermal storage.
Introduction to Building Technology Architecture Earl Gonzales The course aims at providing a fundamental understanding of the physics related to buildings and to propose an overview of the various issues that have to be adequately combined to offer the occupants a physical, functional and psychological well-being.
Drawings & Numbers: Five Centuries of Digital Design Architecture Larry Morgan The aim of this course is to highlight some technical aspects of the classical tradition in architecture that have so far received only sporadic attention.
Ecologies of Construction Architecture Chris Riley Ecologies of Construction examines the resource requirements for the making and maintenance of the contemporary built environment.

by ryzalyusoff